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  • Earn money!
  • Earn money!
  • Earn money!
Earn money !

What you will need:

A computer

One account per pc is allowed, so make sure you use your personal pc only.

Internet connection

Obviously :) Shared networks are not allowed, like internet cafes, libraries or hotels.

5 minutes per day

Enough time to manage your account. Completing all tasks may take a little more.

How to earn:


Watching ads. They are not paying much but are needed to keep the account active.


They are data entry jobs. At level 0 you will be tested if you give accurate answers. At level 1,2,3 they will be unlocked better paying minijobs where you can earn lot of $ per day.

Renting referrals

Here is the best part. Referrals are other users of the service that you rent them to work for you. Every time they click their ads you earn commissions. You rent them with money you will earn from the service, so no fear for loosing your pocket money if you dont want to invest.



One ticket per advertisement. Each hour you can win $0.50


Three AdPrize chances per advertisement. Money prizes up to $50, Golden memberships and Points.


E-currency which can be converted to money or buy directly some features, like the Golden membership.

Instant payments to your Paypal Payza Neteller account...

Minimum cashout at $2

You will see many services around the internet. Here no pocket money is needed. You can use the extra features with money you already earn, so nothing to loose if you are afraid.

The service is running since March 25, 2008.

Referrals are other users of the service. You can rent them to work for you. Every time they click their ads you earn commissions.

The limit for standard members is 300, for Golden 2000 and for Ultimate members unlimited.

AdAlert is a browser addon to notify you about new available advertisements or minijobs.

During the day more advertisements are being displayed. Using AdAlert will help you catch more and more.

Logout, turn off your modem/router for some minutes. This will give you a new ip.

It depends. By completing minijobs you can achieve that very fast. Renting referrals may take a bit longer but you dont need to work that much.